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In recent years, more light has been shed on the intriguing link between oral health and overall bodily health. Committing to healthy habits and a healthful lifestyle begins with establishing a relationship with a trusted dental care specialist. Dr. William B. Stofer and Dr. Jason D. Hemphill, each an experienced dentist serving patients from Warsaw and surrounding communities, provide a range of general dentistry services at Dental Solutions to help you keep your mouth and smile healthy and beautiful. To learn more about our high-quality dental care or schedule an examination, please take the time to fill out our simple online contact form

Family Dentistry

From small children to grandparents, we all share one common need: quality dental care to keep our mouths in the best shape possible. As your general dentistry needs shift throughout your lifetime - from cleanings to orthodontics and, eventually, restorative work - our practice adapts along the way to provide you with the appropriate care. Regardless of the services and treatment you choose to pursue, we practice an unwavering commitment to personalized care with a genuine interest in preserving and improving your overall health. Simply put, a focus on patient-centric care allows us to establish lifelong relationships with our patients. 

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is one of the most important aspects of what we do at Dental Solutions. We practice a holistic approach to care, looking at the mouth as a whole and how oral health affects a number of different systems throughout the body. An adherence to practicing preventive care, including regularly scheduled dental cleanings, lays the foundation for a lifelong enjoyment of an attractive smile and a strong, healthy bite. Arguably the single easiest way to avoid the need for costly restorative work, dental cleanings and examinations not only keep your teeth in good shape, but are also an opportunity for our staff to catch early signs of disease, such as oral cancer. 

Pediatric Dentistry

Trips to the dentist have a certain reputation for inspiring fear in children. At Dental Solutions, our experience in pediatric care ensures parents are able to instill an appreciation for the importance of adhering to regularly scheduled dental cleanings in their children. We provide gentle treatment, including pediatric sedation if necessary. Each of our staff members is handpicked for their patient, friendly nature and we work tirelessly to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere that will put our younger patients at ease. The best part? A prize box awaits each of our pediatric patients at the end of their stay. 

TMJ Treatment

If you experience headaches, stiffness in the jaw, neck, and shoulders, or sore and sensitive jaws upon waking, you may suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder. Also referred to as TMJ disorder, the condition is often caused by the unconscious clenching and grinding of teeth, especially during sleep. Left untreated, TMJ disorder not only causes undesirable symptoms but can eventually wear and even crack teeth, leading to the need for restorative work. Drs. Stofer and Hemphill create customized mouth guards in-office to lessen the effects of TMJ disorder. Originally manufactured for treatment of headaches, the NTI-tss Plus™ greatly reduces muscle contraction and eases tension caused by clenching and grinding. 

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Oral Surgery

At Dental Solutions, our comprehensive dental services include oral surgery performed by Dr. William Stofer.  Dr. Stofer is experienced in wisdom tooth extraction, a common procedure usually performed on teens and young adults. Dr. Stofer removes wisdom teeth that are erupted or impacted. He can also place dental implants and perform soft tissue biopsies. A range of sedation options are available to help you relax during these procedures.

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Root Canal Therapy

If you have a painful toothache lasting for a few days, it's time for a visit to the dentists at Dental Solutions.  There are many possible reasons you might experience tooth pain, but if an advanced infection is present, a root canal may be needed to save your tooth. A root canal at Dental Solutions is a routine procedure, and many of our patients express surprise that it is relatively simple and painless. Sedation options are offered for patients who are anxious or extremely sensitive.

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