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Porcelain Veneers Warsaw

Pretty smiling blond woman with straight, white teethAre you hesitant to smile around strangers or unhappy with the aesthetic appeal of your smile? Porcelain veneers are among the simplest, most effective ways to transform cosmetically flawed teeth. Chips, cracks, discoloration, worn teeth, and other minor imperfections can benefit from this popular cosmetic treatment. Patients emerge with smiles that are straighter, whiter, and more uniform and symmetrical. 

As part of our comprehensive range of cosmetic dentistry services, Dental Solutions offers porcelain veneers to patients our Warsaw practice. Dr. William B. Stofer has extensive experience and a keen eye for detail, and would be pleased to evaluate your candidacy for porcelain veneers. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about how you might benefit from porcelain veneers, contact our Warsaw office today

The Procedure and What to Expect

During an initial examination, you can learn more about whether porcelain veneers are right for you. Suitable candidates need to be in good general health, with no major decay or damaged teeth. 

The following stages combine to create a typical porcelain veneer process:

  • Treatment planning: Impressions of your mouth will be taken, along with X-rays and any other information needed to aid in planning.
  • Preparation of the teeth: A small amount of enamel will be removed from your teeth to accommodate for the thickness of the veneers, about the thickness of an eggshell.
  • Temporary veneers: While your porcelain veneers are being crafted at an off-site laboratory, you will be fitted with temporary veneers.
  • Placement of the veneers: In order to create a surface better suited to bonding, the surfaces of your teeth will be slightly roughed up; after any last minute adjustments or shaping is performed on the veneers, they will be permanently bonded to your teeth using a specialized dental cement that is cured and hardened using an activating light.

A follow-up appointment may be scheduled shortly after your treatment to check on the veneers, ensure they are not affecting daily activities such as speech, and address any concerns you might have. 

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Properly performed, the placement of porcelain veneers offers a number of benefits. Apart from the obvious cosmetic advantages, porcelain veneers are extremely durable and work to protect teeth against future wear and tear. Porcelain veneers should be cared for in the same way you would your natural teeth, and with proper oral hygiene and regularly scheduled exams and cleanings can last for ten years or longer. 

Our strict adherence to using only the highest-quality ceramic materials ensures that our porcelain veneers look completely natural and blend seamlessly with our patients' natural teeth. Porcelain veneers may also be combined with additional cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening or gum lifting, to enhance final results. 

Learn More about Porcelain Veneers

At Dental Solutions, we are committed to helping our patients achieve smiles that look amazing and feel great. If you are interested in learning more about how porcelain veneers can improve how you feel about your smile, please take the time to fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment. 

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