Implant-Supported Bridges Provide a Permanent Solution to Rebuilding Your Smile

Our doctors at Dental Solutions in Warsaw, IN, provide a variety of high-quality restorative solutions for patients with severely damaged or missing teeth. Patients missing two or more teeth in a row can restore the appearance and function of their smile with implant-supported bridges. Compared to a traditional dental bridge, this restorative device provides unrivaled benefits. Implant-supported bridges are supported by two dental implants rather than your natural remaining teeth. One doctors are highly trained with years of experience placing dental implants, and can provide every stage of treatment within our office

What are Implant-Supported Bridges?

When significant tooth loss occurs, it is important to rebuild your smile quickly in order to prevent additional damage, such as shifting teeth, bone loss, and facial structural changes from occurring. An implant-supported bridge can effectively maintain your smile with life-changing benefits.

Whereas a traditional dental bridge is designed to rest directly on your remaining teeth and gums to bridge the gap left behind, an implant-supported denture is sustained by two or more dental implants surgically inserted into your jawbone on either side of the gap. Because dental implants are so stable, they can support larger bridges that would be unstable when relying on your natural teeth for support. 

In addition to superior support and lasting results, an implant-support bridge is designed to strengthen your jawbone. Because dental implants replace the tooth roots, it is the only tooth replacement option available that closely resembles your natural teeth. Unlike traditional dental bridges, an implant-supported bridge can stimulate your jawbone with each bite you take, preventing bone degeneration and gum recession. In contrast, a traditional bridge can cause wear and tear and additional decay on your remaining teeth and can never achieve the same stability as an implant-supported restoration.

Illustration of an implant-supported bridge
You can replace multiple consecutively missing teeth with a custom, durable implant-supported bridge.

Receiving an Implant-Supported Bridge

To determine if you qualify for an implant-supported restoration, we will use state-of-the-art technology to ensure you have healthy gums and solid jawbone strength adequate enough to support the implants posts. During your dental implant surgery, you will receive appropriate sedation before the implants are placed in your jaw.

Over the next three to six months, you will undergo a four month healing process to allow the implants time to fuse with your jawbone. After you have fully recovered, abutments or connector pieces will be affixed to your implants, providing a secure base for the implant-supported bridge. Impressions will be taken of your smile so our dental lab can design your customized restoration. Once completed, our team will securely attach your implant-supported bridge to reveal a beautifully restored smile.

Affording Superior Restorations

Implant-supported bridges do cost more than traditional restorations, but can provide far superior benefits that make the cost worthwhile. Our doctors and staff will review all costs involved with you in advance so there are no surprises along the way. At Dental Solutions, we accept CareCredit and offer in-house financing to help patients manage any out-of-pocket expenses that their insurance is unable to cover. We will work with you to place the cost of this unrivaled treatment within your budget.

Restore Your Dental Function

If you are suffering from multiple missing teeth in a row, you may benefit from an implant-supported bridge. Contact our practice today online or by calling (574) 269-1199 to schedule your consultation.

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