Are you bothered by crooked teeth, but dread the thought of wearing braces?

Let our team in Warsaw, IN, design an Invisalign® treatment plan to give you the smile you want without uncomfortable metal braces.

Teens and adults alike love the comfort and convenience of Invisalign, the nearly invisible treatment for straighter teeth.

How Does Invisalign Work? Simplicity at Its Finest

Unlike braces, Invisalign's effectiveness does not rely on metal wires and brackets but on a nearly invisible technology — clear aligners that fit around teeth.

During an examination, you can learn if you're are a candidate. We use 3D imaging to design a comprehensive treatment plan and give you a sneak-peek at how your smile will look after Invisalign. 

Molds of your teeth will be taken, and a set of custom, removable aligners will be prescribed to gently and gradually move teeth into their desired positions. As your teeth move, one set of aligners will be replaced with the next in the series every two weeks or so. Each patient's needs vary, but treatment typically averages between 12 and 18 months.


Each Custom Tray Fits Snugly & Comfortably

By using multiple trays created from scans of your smile, Invisalign discreetly moves your
teeth into position over time.

Can Invisalign Solve My Problems?

Nearly every patient who enters our dental office in Warsaw, IN, seeking to cosmetically straighten their teeth is a good candidate for Invisalign treatments. When determining your candidacy for Invisalign, the dentist will examine your smile to determine if you have:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Crowded, overlapping teeth
  • Overbite, underbite, or crossbite

Candidates should be in good oral health. Plus, they should also be willing to wear the trays for the mandatory 20 to 22 hours each day. If you require preparatory treatment, we can meet your needs in our office.

Many patients are attracted to Invisalign’s reputation as the more comfortable and discreet alternative to traditional braces. Unfortunately, in cases of severe misalignment, Invisalign may not be the best orthodontic treatment. If you are not a good candidate for Invisalign, the dentist can let you know what other orthodontic procedures, such as braces, would help you get the smile you want.

Invisalign Can Improve Your Health


People are often drawn to Invisalign for its confidence-boosting aesthetic benefits. However, it also features a hidden advantage: improved oral health. Why? Well, when aligners reposition your teeth, they actually make it easier for you to brush and floss. As a result, you can more effectively remove plaque and tarter — and help prevent cavities.

Visit Your General Dentist For Orthodontic Care

You don't need to find an orthodontist for your Invisalign treatment. Instead, you can visit the same dentist you trust for general care: Dr. Bill Stofer.

In fact, his Warsaw practice offers a comprehensive range of dental and orthodontic care. He also features sedation dentistry, restorative dentistry, general dentistry, and more.

This also means that even if you aren't a candidate for clear aligners, he may be able to refine your smile with other techniques. Possible options include porcelain veneers or a smile makeover.

Excited to start making a treatment plan? Contact our friendly team or call us at

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Explore Invisalign Aligners

Dr. Stofer
No need to look for an orthodontist — Dr. Stofer has bronze Invisalign provider status and can conduct your Invisalign orthodontic treatment. You can also return to his caring team for comprehensive treatment for a healthy smile.

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Invisalign Aligners Vs. Traditional Braces

woman holding braces and invisalign
If you want a straighter, more attractive smile, but want to avoid the wires and metal brackets that come
with braces from an orthodontist, Invisalign at Dental Solutions in Warsaw may be just what you are
looking for. Thanks to this discreet option, treatment is as easy as wearing custom clear aligners.

The Best of Both Worlds

Both traditional orthodontics and Invisalign can improve your smile. But Invisalign's smooth, comfortable, and nearly invisible clear aligners let you smile throughout treatment and avoid the difficulties that come with metal braces. Invisalign offers the best of both worlds, with a number of benefits over traditional orthodontics, including:

Discreet Treatment

Invisalign's transparent aligners are nearly invisible during use, meaning you can confidently wear them throughout the day without worrying whether everyone is staring at your orthodontic treatment.

Comfortable Fit

The clear aligners used to straighten your teeth are made of smooth, medical-grade plastic molded to precisely fit your teeth. There are no metal brackets and no metal wires, so there's nothing that will snag or irritate the soft tissue in your mouth. 

Daily Flexibility

While you need to wear your aligners for the majority of the day and at night, they are removable so that you can eat, floss, and brush your teeth easily. You can also remove your aligners, which are also called "trays," for special occasions. That flexibility is impossible with traditional braces.

Shorter Appointments

Periodic check-ups will be performed to assess your progress, but clear aligners do not require the long or uncomfortable adjustment appointments that are necessary with traditional braces. Instead, you'll just see us once a month for a helpful checkup.

No Dietary Restrictions

Braces require patients to avoid foods that are likely to get caught in their wires and brackets. With Invisalign, there are no off-limits foods or drinks.

Easy Maintenance

Most people find brushing and flossing around braces to be both difficult and time-consuming. When you have Invisalign, cleaning is as simple as taking a brush to your clear aligners.

Unsure If Invisalign Is Right for You? Schedule a Consultation to Find Out

Are you tired of having crooked teeth but unsure if Invisalign is right for you? Schedule an orthodontic treatment consultation and let Dr. Stofer assess your smile and provide answers that are right for your situation.  

Whether you are a teen, the parent of a teen, or an adult ready to take the next step, we're happy to explain your dental options. To help you get the smile you want, we offer flexible financing options and can help you arrange a payment plan that keeps costs within your budget.

We serve Warsaw and the surrounding area. To meet our team, leave us a message or call

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"Dental Solutions has helped me navigate my dental journey from Invisalign, teeth whitening, cleaning and crowns. Everyone is always very friendly and willing to help during procedures and cleanings. Highly recommend." Holly Clevenger

Treatment Timeline for Invisalign The Simple Steps to a Better Smile

Most Invisalign treatments typically last 12 to 18 months.
Most Invisalign treatments typically last 12 to 18 months.


Once you have been approved as a candidate for Invisalign, Dr. Stofer will take scans or X-rays of your teeth. Molds may also be taken. These will then be used to manufacture your custom aligners, which will arrive a few weeks after your appointment. 
consultationCreated with Sketch.

Your First Aligners

When you come in for your first aligners, Dr. Stofer will have you place the trays on your teeth to ensure that they fit correctly. He will also give you general advice about wearing your aligners and how to take care of them. The total length of your treatment will depend on the severity of your concerns and the number of clear aligners prescribed for you. Most Invisalign treatments last for 12 to 18 months.
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Each tray is designed to be worn 20 to 22 hours per day and for two to three weeks. Throughout your treatment, Dr. Stofer will schedule monthly check-ups to ensure that your treatment is going according to plan. Each new aligner is designed to move your teeth a little closer to the correct position than the preceding tray. As you place each new tray, you will likely feel pressure on the teeth for a short period.
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Special Attention

In some cases, Dr. Stofer may place tooth-colored buttons on specific teeth so the aligner trays can better grip them. If crowding is an issue, a minimally invasive process called interproximal reduction (IPR) may be performed to create space for your teeth to move more freely.
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Once your treatment is complete and you are 100% satisfied with your cosmetic results, a retainer may be created using a mold or digital image of your straightened teeth. This retainer, which is typically only worn at night, helps ensure your teeth do not move out of alignment again.
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What Are You Waiting For? Come Explore Your Options

It's never too late to achieve a straighter smile and dispel embarrassment over crooked teeth. Dental Solutions in Warsaw believes everyone deserves a smile they are happy to share. To learn more about the possibilities, send us an email. You can also call us at

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A Few Simple Rules for Using Your Aligners

Patient inserting Invisalign tray

It is important that patients work cooperatively with their dentist to ensure the best results. They should also have realistic expectations about what their smile will look like after treatment. Here are some common questions about wearing and caring for Invisalign aligners:

Placing the Aligners

Insert your aligners starting at the front and working back toward your molars. Gently push your aligner using your fingers until the tray fits snugly against all of your teeth. This ensures proper “seating” of your aligner trays. Avoid biting as a means of positioning the tray.

Aligner Wear Times

Invisalign trays must be worn for a minimum of 20 to 22 hours per day. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in unnecessary discomfort once you wear the aligners again. Failure to wear your trays for the required time also risks lengthening your treatment timeline. You may remove your trays for short periods while eating, brushing, taking photos, or for other special occasions.

Aligner Cleaning Tips

Your trays should be cleaned with a toothbrush twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night. Avoid using toothpaste, as it can leave a white residue. Instead, we recommend using the Invisalign Cleaning System, gentle liquid soap, or retainer-cleaning products. 

What Happens If I Lose an Aligner?


If this happens to you, know you're absolutely not our first Warsaw patient to damage or misplace their tray. To prevent this from becoming a problem, save your old aligners until treatment is over. Usually, you can just wear the previous tray, but call our office so Dr. Stofer can recommend the best approach for your smile.

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