Spectra, Warsaw

Spectra Cavity-Detection Aid

Spectra is the most advanced technology developed for dentists to utilize in the detection of cavities. At Dental Solutions, we use Spectra as an intraoral camera to take a photo image of your tooth to highlight areas of decay or what we commonly call, cavities.  Spectra is designed to identify bacteria on each tooth's surfaces and assigns a color and number (0-5) indicating any possible concerns.  It provides a better opportunity to identify the early stages of decay before a more costly procedure is warranted.  As shown in the picture on the right, green areas show healthy tooth enamel and the red areas represent areas of decay. It has also served as a dependable instrument for post treatment to verify that all cavities have been removed from the tooth.

Spectra is also incredibly patient friendly.  The images we take can be viewed on the television screen so we can not only explain what we find, but also show you!


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