Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth often become impacted, causing a range of problems such as pain, infection, and misalignment. 

Dental Solutions in Warsaw, IN, can perform virtually painless wisdom tooth removal to address or prevent these issues.

Is it time to address your or your child's wisdom teeth? Learn how our advanced techniques customize treatment to your needs.

Why Wisdom Teeth Aren't Always Smart

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, usually erupt during our late teens or early 20s. Unfortunately, they often fail to erupt properly, causing severe crowding and other oral health problems. In many cases, they may become impacted, leading to significant discomfort or possibly even damage to other teeth. 

Our dentist, Dr. William B. Stofer, makes patient comfort a priority at our Warsaw dentistry office. The team at Dental Solutions uses the latest technology, including advanced imaging systems, which allows us to plan and execute incredibly precise surgery for the removal of wisdom teeth. Our innovative tools and techniques make tooth extractions more comfortable while improving your oral health.

Preventative Wisdom Tooth Extraction Comes With Many Valuable Benefits

Why do our Warsaw patients consider preventative wisdom tooth extraction? Simple — it offers advantages like these:

Improved Oral Health

In many cases, wisdom teeth removal is the only way to resolve issues associated with impaction. Fortunately, you sacrifice no functionality by having these teeth removed. In fact, many parents elect to have their children's third molars removed before they can cause issues.

Conservative Treatment

While you may wonder why anyone would refer to tooth removal as "conservative," the fact is that preventive wisdom tooth removal can save you a tremendous amount of time and money by avoiding future complications with these teeth.

Peace of Mind

Worrying about if a tooth will become impacted or not can be stressful. Instead of risking future discomfort, infections, or even gum disease, you can solve the problem before it starts with preventative wisdom tooth extractions.

Understanding Simple and Complex Cases — And How We Can Help With Both

Illustration of a simple wisdom tooth case

Simple Cases

There are various techniques for removing wisdom teeth. In simple cases, our Warsaw dentist can loosen the teeth and easily lift them out of the sockets with very little impact to surrounding tissues. Often, it can be easier to schedule a preventative wisdom tooth extraction, because it doesn't give your tooth the time or opportunity to become impacted.

Illustration of a complex wisdom tooth case

Complex Cases

On the other hand, if you have an impacted tooth or a tooth erupting at an angle, your procedure will be a bit more involved. Our dentist may need to remove bone or gum tissue that is covering the tooth. In some cases, he may need to extract the tooth in several pieces. Whatever the scenario, the dentist will take steps to ensure your comfort. 

Call Us Before Symptoms Get Worse

Your symptoms will not improve on their own if you need a tooth extracted. Even worse, your oral health overall will continually decline until the wisdom tooth is addressed.

Wisdom tooth removal is a common procedure. Dr. Stofer can complete your treatment in just one visit, letting you get back to living your life pain-free.

Request a consultation today with our Warsaw doctor or send us a message through our contact form. You can also:

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First timer! I really enjoyed my visit at Dental Solutions. We are new to the area! The staff was so inviting and really helped with my anxiety of coming to the dentist! Dr. Spangle was super nice and helpful! We will be a regular! Thankful to have found Dental Solutions and their awesome team!

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Dental Solutions has been by far the best dentistry i have ever been to. They were sensitive to my needs and have already helped me so much with my progression to a perfect smile. They are so friendly and so attentive to what your goals are and they have definitely won me over! Thanks to all of you at Dental Solutions for helping me towards achieving a great smile!

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Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Hurt? No, Because We Focus on Patients' Comfort

If you notice symptoms like swelling and bleeding, but are afraid to visit a dentist or oral surgeon, you're not alone. It's common for our Warsaw dentistry patients to put off care they need, like wisdom tooth extraction, because they're understandably concerned about pain. However, it may help to know that we take the discomfort and stress out of extractions. 

How? By customizing each procedure to a patient's needs, Dr. Stofer strives to help you feel relaxed and virtually pain-free. He also combines standard local anesthesia with optional sedation upon request, allowing you to feel completely at ease.

Dentist working on patient while they are sedated

Is It Time to Contact a Dentist FOR WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL?

Are you experiencing issues related to your wisdom teeth? Problematic molars can lead to other oral health issues if left untreated.

Or would you like to be proactive and have your child's jaw assessed for signs of potential wisdom tooth complications? The best time to remove wisdom teeth is during the late teenage years or early 20s when these teeth are immature and the jaw is less dense, allowing for easier removal.

Dr. Stofer at Dental Solutions in Warsaw can examine your smile to determine the right solution. Feel free to leave us a message if you have questions. Or, if you want an assessment of your oral health, you can also call us to request a consultation at

(574) 269-1199

Dr. William B. Stofer

A Team You Can Trust With Your Family

"Go with confidence that Dr. Bill Stofer and his team will take good care of you! my family and I have been patients there for years and have always had positive experiences. The communication is great, the team from reception to hygienists are all very caring and professional. Dr. Bill is communicative, efficient, and has a great touch. I highly recommend Dental Solutions!" Frank Levinson

Covering the Cost of Your Procedure

Dental insurance often helps with the cost of removing molars, because this treatment is necessary for your oral health and function. Our Warsaw team will be happy to work with your provider to get the most out of your benefits.

If you do not have insurance or wisdom tooth removal is not covered by your plan, CareCredit® financing is available for patients who qualify. Financing your treatment allows you to pay for your wisdom tooth removal over a period of time rather than all at once. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of not having an impacted tooth without worrying about affordability.

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Great care and service. Excellent payment options. Reasonable appointment availability for patients in pain or in an emergency. Every member of the staff is kind and considerate. I recommend this office to everyone.

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Hands down the best dental professionals available anywhere. No fluff, just fact. I was referred by a friend after my dentist retired. The dental care I have received from Dr. Stofer, Brenda, Tammi and the entire team has far exceeded my expectations. I don’t know that I would say I enjoy going to the dentist now, but I almost do!

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How We Approach Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal can address active oral symptoms or it can be performed before you have symptoms as a preventive measure that avoids future dental complications. With careful and advanced techniques like these, your treatment can be quick and comfortable. 

Evaluating Problems You May Face

If you do not have enough room in your jaw for your wisdom teeth, they can push against your other teeth as they develop. As a result, your entire dental arch could shift out of alignment. In other cases, these new teeth may not be able to push through the gum or bone tissue that covers them. These impacted teeth can cause significant discomfort. You could also develop an infection if bacteria become trapped under the flap of tissue.

3D Imaging to Assess Your Risk

To determine whether you or your child needs to undergo wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Stofer will carefully examine your teeth, gums, and jaws. We will take advanced images using the Planmeca ProMax® 3D Max imaging system at our Warsaw practice. With the high-definition images, your dentist can determine whether you have enough room for these additional teeth. He can also plan an extraction involving minimal impact to your jaw.

Handling Both Simple & Complex Cases

While wisdom teeth removal is often necessary, you can depend on our Warsaw dental office to recommend this and other dental treatments only if you truly need them. And, if your case is a particularly complex one, we won't hesitate to recommend an oral surgeon. However, one of the benefits of seeing us is that we are equipped to handle both simple and complicated extractions without referring you to an oral surgeon.

What to Expect We Offer Gentle Care at Every Step

Some patients come to us with impacted wisdom teeth. Others seek a preventative tooth extraction for themselves or their teen. We can help with both. Here's how the process may go.

Dr. Stofer is committed to the strictest standards of excellence and personalized care.
Dr. Stofer is committed to the strictest standards of excellence and personalized care.

Extraction Consultation

Dr. Stofer will listen to your concerns. He'll also assess your smile, which can include using 3D cone beam–computed tomography scans to determine the position of your wisdom teeth. He'll only recommend extraction if it's safe for you or your child.

Dental Anesthesia

Not surprisingly, many patients are intimidated by the mere thought of wisdom teeth removal. However, thanks to local anesthesia and our sophisticated techniques, patients discover there is little discomfort during surgery. 

Sedation Choices

If requested, we can also provide oral conscious and IV sedation to help patients achieve a state of deep relaxation during oral surgery with a shorter recovery than general anesthesia. Dr. Stofer will discuss your sedation dentistry options in advance to help you choose the right option for your needs.

Preparing for Extraction

Before making an opening in your gums, Dr. Stofer will ensure the area is clean and sterile. 

Tooth Extraction

Next, our dentist will remove your tooth and all its roots. He can handle both simple and complex cases, so you can rely on him to extract your wisdom teeth and resolve your symptoms.

Final Steps

After extracting your wisdom teeth, our dentist may also place gauze over the area. It can help minimize any bleeding, as well as protect your extraction site as a blood clot forms. This clot is crucial during the healing process.

A Closer Look At Removing a Wisdom Tooth

Whether you need a simple preventative extraction or you're dealing with an impacted wisdom tooth, Dr. Stofer is here to help. After making sure you're completely comfortable, he can remove your wisdom tooth from roots to crown, so you can leave our office without any stress about your smile.

Aftercare and Recovery Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction

With our careful and advanced oral techniques, you can expect your recovery to be fast and comfortable. 

  • After surgery, gauze will be placed over the site. You should be able to remove the gauze in about 30 minutes. 
  • You will likely experience some sensitivity and inflammation. Mild, non-prescription pain medications will usually be enough to ease discomfort. 
  • Be careful when brushing your teeth during recovery in order to avoid disrupting the extraction site. 
  • You will be asked to eat a soft diet for a few days to prevent gum irritation. You should also avoid spicy foods, alcohol, using straws, and hot beverages. 

With these precautions, patients typically make a full recovery in a week or less.

A Real Wisdom Tooth Extraction Story

"I had a wisdom tooth that was crumbling and needed removed.  I was concerned that it would be a rough extraction.  However, Dr. Stofer extracted the tooth quickly and painlessly!  The staff are extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable during the whole procedure.  I highly recommend Dental Solutions!" Jeep Jones
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