Children’s Dentistry Specialists at Dental Solutions By William Stofer on April 25, 2013

Warsaw Pediatric DentistryDental Solutions is your Warsaw pediatric dentistry destination for all of your children’s dental needs. Pediatric dentistry demands the sort of specialized, caring, and comfortable environment that Dental Solutions in Warsaw offers. Our dentists, Drs. William Stofer and Jason Hemphill, are educated and skilled in creating a dental-care plan for your little one.

Pediatric dentistry is focused first and foremost on teaching children to learn good hygienic practices and prevent the start of bad habits and thus, tooth problems such as cavities and other problems.


During the pediatric dentistry appointment, we will educate you and your children in how to best maintain the appearance of the smile and optimal oral health. It is important that your child is comfortable when attending dental appointments and learning about good oral hygiene.

We will also discuss habits such as thumb sucking and use of pacifier, baby bottles, and sippy cups, and the effect these habits can have on the teeth.

Your involvement and participation in your child’s pediatric dentististry visits is equally as important. You should listen carefully to your pediatric dentist’s instructions so that you can encourage your child’s oral hygiene regimen at home.

Primary Tooth Care

At Dental Solutions, we will care for your children’s permanent teeth, as well as their primary teeth until they fall out. Primary teeth are important because they allow children to chew properly and do all of the other functions that permanent teeth will do.

It is also important to maintain proper spacing of the primary teeth so the permanent teeth come in as aligned as possible. This will aid in speech development as a child begins to speak.

Your child should visit a dentist shortly after his or her first primary tooth emerges. Our pediatric dentistry services can help catch and prevent early stages of tooth decay, which can occur on primary and permanent teeth. Our practiced team will help begin an oral hygiene regimen and help stop any bad habits from beginning or continuing.

Developing a Beautiful Smile

Our pediatric dentists will develop a relationship with your child to help disseminate information to them and encourage proper tooth care. Our pediatric dentistry services include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Teaching proper flossing, brushing, and rinsing techniques
  • Teaching you and your child about factors that can affect your child’s bite and proper teeth development, including pacifier use and thumb-sucking habits
  • Evaluation of tooth growth and potential issues
  • Treatment for cavities and other afflictions
  • Treatment for genetic or physical malformations like a cleft palate

We are happy to serve as not only your pediatric dentist, but also your Warsaw cosmetic dentist and general dentist. At our offices in Warsaw, dental crowns, porcelain veneers, and a variety of other general and restorative adult dental procedures are available.

Please contact us today with questions about our pediatric dentistry services and to set up a confidential, comfortable consultation with your child. We are happy to teach you and your child about proper oral hygiene and begin him or her on the path to a beautiful, healthy smile for life.

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