William B. Stofer, DDS

Nov 22
Tagged with: General Dentistry

The history of the toothbrush goes back thousands of years. Let's consider how this innovation in dental care came about.

Oct 24
Tagged with: Restorative Dentistry
There are many restorative dentistry treatments available for tooth fractures and dental injuries. Let's examine these different restorations.
Sep 23
Tagged with: General Dentistry

The history of dentistry goes back into the ancient world. Let's track some major innovation in dental care from BCE to today.

Aug 23

When you have exposed tooth roots, your teeth are more likely to be sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Let's explain why.

Jul 23

Abfraction is a type of hard tissue lesion that causes notches to form on the upper portion of the teeth near the gumline.

Jun 24

Discover what causes tooth loss and how you can prevent it with these tips from Drs. Stofer and Hemphill.

May 24

At Dental Solutions, our dentists offer a wide range of dental services that allow diabetic patients to preserve their oral health.

Apr 23

Your dental health can impact your heart health, especially where gum disease and cardiovascular wellness is concerned.

Mar 23

Patients can undergo restorative treatment at Dental Solutions to strengthen the teeth and address the most common causes of tooth pain.

Feb 23

Treating tooth decay can maintain your oral health, but which treatment is right for you? Find out in this overview about dental fillings versus crowns.

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