William B. Stofer, DDS

Aug 21

Learn how cavities form and what you can do to prevent them in this blog post from Drs. Bill Stofer and Jason Hemphill.

Jul 23

At Dental Solutions, we offer patients effective treatments to improve the color of the teeth, no matter what type of tooth discoloration is present.

Jun 23

Tooth decay treatments can restore the appearance and function of damaged teeth. Learn more about the top available treatments.

May 22

Our preventative and restorative dentistry treatments can help seniors maintain a youthful smile and full dental function.

Apr 22

General dentistry treatments are safe when you are pregnant. In fact, routine cleanings can protect both your smile and your unborn baby.

Mar 30

Read our top five preventive dentistry tips to learn how you can be more proactive about maintaining your oral hygiene for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Feb 25

Preventing root canal infections is easy with these oral health tips. If you do develop an infection, root canal therapy can be performed. 

Jan 26

Keep your porcelain crowns looking their best with these important aftercare tips.

Dec 23

Root planing and scaling (deep cleaning) is a good treatment option for removing tartar and plaque at the gumline, treating and preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Nov 24

Find out why professional teeth whitening is so preferable to store-bought brands and products.

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