Are You a Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction? By William Stofer on September 27, 2013

Warsaw Full Mouth Reconstruction CandidatesUnlike an elective smile makeover that some people choose to undergo, a full mouth reconstruction is something you need because of severe decay, trauma, or tooth loss. The treatment is designed to rebuild your teeth and gums and restore function.

At Dental Solutions in Warsaw, we specialize in all aspects of restorative dentistry, including full mouth reconstruction. With a comprehensive consultation and individualized treatment plan, we can undo years of neglect and give you a durable, functional, and natural-looking smile.

Am I a Good Candidate for Treatment?

If you have severely damaged or missing teeth, you may be a good candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. Here are some signs and symptoms that might make you a suitable candidate:

  • Short, worn, missing, or broken teeth
  • Several cavities and substantial tooth decay
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Advanced gum disease with deep pockets, excessive or insufficient gum tissue, and bone density problems
  • TMJ disorder with frequent headaches, jaw pain, or popping sounds
  • Previous dental work that frequently cracks, chips, or breaks

What Is Involved in the Treatment?

A full mouth reconstruction involves several restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures designed to restore the health and look of your smile.

Depending on your degree of tooth damage, some or all of these dental procedures may be needed: porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings, inlays or onlays, crowns, dental implants, bonding, bridges, gum scaling, root planing, soft tissue or bone grafts, orthodontics, and root canal therapy.

The assessment process begins with a physical exam of your mouth, plus dental records (such as X-rays, photographs, and impressions of your upper and lower teeth). With this information, along with your personal goals, we will develop a step-by-step treatment plan to correct all of your dental problems. We will be sure to discuss the risks and potential complications of the recommended procedures.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits of a full mouth reconstruction are functional and aesthetic. In terms of function, the restorative dental work in your treatment plan - such as implants, crowns, and bridges - can significantly improve your ability to eat and drink. It can also allow you to speak more clearly. If needed, orthodontic work can eliminate bite imbalances and help resolve TMJ issues.

From an aesthetic standpoint, a full mouth reconstruction can dramatically enhance your appearance and self-esteem. Teeth that are chipped, worn down, or missing causes the jaws to “collapse” onto each other, making you look old and weathered. Investing in a full mouth reconstruction from Dental Solutions can give you a more youthful, natural-looking smile.

Learn More about Full Mouth Reconstruction

As part of our comprehensive range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry services, Dental Solutions offers full mouth reconstruction to our Warsaw patients. Our expert cosmetic dentist and entire support team looks forward to meeting you and offering the special planning and care required to restore your dental health.  If you would like to rejuvenate your smile, restore dental function, and enjoy impressive results, we invite you to contact our dental care center today.

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