Dangers and Treatments of Tooth Erosion By William Stofer on February 27, 2014

Warsaw Tooth Erosion TreatmentDo you enjoy indulging in sour foods or carbonated soft drinks? Have you found that your teeth have become more sensitive lately? It is impossible that you are experiencing the effects of tooth erosion.

Tooth erosion is the wearing away of tooth enamel cause by acid and can be caused by several different factors, including indulging in overly acidic foods and drinks, acid reflux, medications, and even genetics. Outside environmental factors such as grinding teeth and stress fractures can also cause tooth erosion.

Significant dental issues can accompany tooth erosion, and it is important to understand the implications.

Fortunately for Warsaw patients, both treatments and preventative measures are readily available to either manage or prevent the effects of tooth erosion. Consulting a qualified cosmetic dentist will help determine the cause of your tooth erosion as well as how to best treat it.

Dangers of Tooth Erosion

When the protective layer of enamel on the teeth’s surface wears away, the sensitive material known as dentin becomes exposed, and the tooth becomes much more susceptible to other dental issues. Not only can tooth erosion lead to cracks, chips, indentations, and discoloration of the teeth’s surface, but it can also cause extreme sensitivity and pain, not to mention lead to cavities and tooth decay. Cavities that grow and penetrate the tooth can affect the nerves, causing an abscess or infection that proves to be extremely painful for the patient, and costly to treat.

Management and Treatment of Tooth Erosion

It is important to identify and treat the underlying cause of tooth erosion in order to minimize the condition’s harmful effects on your teeth. For example, treating acid reflux may help reduce the acidity in the mouth that is causing tooth erosion.

If your tooth erosion is not caused by another medical condition, it is important to make the following lifestyle modifications in order to manage it:

  • Limit overly acidic foods and drinks, or drink beverages that are high in acidity with a straw.
  • Brush teeth with a soft bristled brush using a fluoride toothpaste or rinse.
  • Drink more water to help maintain healthy pH levels in the mouth.

In advanced tooth erosion cases, a dentist will need to restore enamel by applying bonding agents such as dental crowns, veneers, or fillings to the areas of exposed dentin, the tooth layer underneath the outer enamel layer.

Prevention of Tooth Erosion

It is possible to avoid tooth erosion all together by simply practicing good oral hygiene such as:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day
  • Floss at least once a day
  • Wait 20 minutes to brush teeth after consuming high acidic products
  • Schedule regular dental exams
  • Get regular professional cleanings

Learn More

If you are experiencing symptoms associated with tooth erosion and would like to explore your treatment options, or if you would simply like to learn more about how to avoid tooth erosion all together, schedule an appointment with Drs. Stofer and Hemphill today. They, along with their experienced and friendly staff, will help you effectively treat, manage, and avoid tooth erosion.

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