Improve Your Smile with Treatment for Overlapping Teeth By William Stofer on October 22, 2017

A woman with a beautiful smile after treatment for overlapping teethOverlapping teeth are a common complaint for patients who want to improve the aesthetics of their smile. With cosmetic dentistry treatments from our team at Dental Solutions, it's possible for those who are unhappy with the appearance of overlapping teeth to achieve beautifully straight teeth. To find out which treatment for overlapping teeth is right for you, schedule a consultation with Warsaw, IN dentist, Dr. Bill Stofer.

Treatments to Address Overlapping Teeth

Orthodontic treatment is one of the most effective ways to correct overlapping teeth. When most people hear the words “orthodontic treatment” they think of braces. There are alternative treatments to traditional braces to achieve straight teeth. Some popular treatments for addressing overlapping teeth include:

  • Invisalign® orthodontics: Those who want the benefits of traditional orthodontics without wearing braces may be ideal candidates for Invisalign®. Invisalign® allows patients with mild to moderate alignment issues, including overlapping teeth, to achieve straight teeth simply by wearing clear aligners. The aligners are changed every two weeks until the desired alignment is achieved, a process that generally takes about 12 months.
  • Porcelain veneers as instant orthodontics: Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-shaped shells that can be used as “instant orthodontics” to address mild alignment issues and other dental imperfections, for an improved smile in as little as two dental appointments. Although porcelain veneers can address a wide range of dental flaws, they are not suitable for significantly overlapping teeth. Those with severe overlap and alignment issues are often better served by traditional orthodontics.
  • Traditional orthodontics: Traditional orthodontics, or braces, can straighten even the most severely overlapping teeth, making it a popular treatment for improving the smile's appearance. Traditional braces straighten the teeth by strategically applying pressure. This pressure gently shifts the teeth to the desired position over the course of several months. Total treatment time will vary from patient to patient. Those with mild alignment issues may achieve their desired results within nine to 12 months, while those with severe issues may require as long as 24 months to achieve straighter teeth.

Why Seek Treatment for Overlapping Teeth?

Overlapping teeth present more than just an aesthetic issue and can actually lead to oral health problems, including gum disease and tooth decay. This is because overlapping teeth can make it difficult to effectively brush and floss the teeth, leaving behind plaque and bacteria that increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Seeking treatment can eliminate overlap, making it easier to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

Overlapping teeth can also lead to alignment issues caused by overlapping teeth improperly meeting when biting. In some cases, such alignment issues can make it painful to chew or bite, impact speech, strain the jaw, or lead to constant dull headaches. Correcting overlap can improve alignment and reduce the symptoms associated with misaligned teeth.

Discover Your Treatment Options

To learn more about treatments for overlapping teeth, or to find out which treatment is right for your needs, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stofer or Dr. Hemphil.

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