Dental Care Statistics By William Stofer on November 13, 2018

A man sitting in a dentist chair holding a mirror up to his smileYour teeth help you eat, articulate speech, and fill in your facial structure. The health of your teeth is also linked to your overall health.

Many people could take better care of their teeth for improved oral health and wellbeing. Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that corrects dental decay and other oral health problems.

Dr. Bill Stofer and our team at Dental Solutions offer comprehensive dental care. Here, we present dental care statistics to show our Warsaw, IN, patients the importance of dental care, including daily hygiene routines and professional dental cleanings and checkups.

Statistics on Routine Dental Exams

Most people are aware that professional dental cleanings and exams are a critical foundation for achieving and maintaining good oral health. During these visits, your dental team will remove plaque buildup from your teeth that brushing and flossing alone cannot address.

Your dentist will also be on the lookout for the first signs of oral health issues. As with any health problem, oral health conditions, like gum disease, can be treated more easily and affordably when done so in the earliest stages, rather than when the condition has progressed.

As it happens, most people are diligent in sending their children to see the dentist. According to a 2016 survey, 84 percent of children aged 2 to 17 saw their dentist the previous year for a checkup. However, according to the same survey, only 64 percent of adults aged 18 and up saw their dentist for a routine visit the previous year.

Cavities Are Common

A 2015 study showed that about one-third of adults described the state of their teeth and mouth as very good. Another third described the condition of their teeth and mouth as fair or poor.

One of the biggest reasons for fair or poor teeth ratings is due to cavities. This oral health problem is very common, as statistics show:

  • About 43 percent of children 2 to 19 years old suffered from dental cavities in 2016.
  • The vast majority (about 90 percent) of adults aged 20 to 64 have suffered from a cavity at some point in their lives.
  • An estimated 18 percent of children have untreated cavities
  • About 31 percent of adults have untreated cavities

The standard treatment for a cavity is a dental filling. These restorations treat mild to moderate dental decay. Cavities that are left untreated will worsen and become more painful. At this point, more aggressive forms of therapy will be needed to address the decay, such as an inlay, onlay, or dental crown.

This is why Dr. Stofer stresses the importance of diagnosing and treating dental conditions early, when treatment is more straightforward and affordable.

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