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It is common for dental patients to experience some level of anxiety or difficulty relaxing during dental appointments. Reliable intravenous (IV) sedation is a great option that allows you to completely relax through your dental treatment. If dental anxiety or phobia is making you feel reluctant to pursue the dental treatment you need, IV sedation is available at Dental Solutions' Warsaw office to help you. Contact us today and let us help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

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About IV Sedation

Utilized most often for oral surgeries or lengthy procedures, IV sedation can make any dental procedure more pleasant. Relaxing medication is administered intravenously, traveling through the bloodstream to quickly relax patients. The medication causes extreme relaxation, or "twilight sleep." You will still be able to answer questions or respond to commands, but you will not likely remember the experience afterward.

For some patients, the insertion of a needle for IV sedation alone can cause anxiety. For these patients, we may administer nitrous oxide while the needle is properly inserted. Dr. William Stofer calibrates the level of medication each patient receives according to age, body size, and a variety of other factors. In this way, he can administer a safe, effective level of sedation.

When is IV Sedation Used?

At Dental Solutions, any adult patient who is in good general health may request IV sedation during dental treatment. While usually reserved for lengthy or intensive procedures, IV sedation can be used for virtually any treatment. IV sedation is a great option for patients with sensitive gag reflexes. When anxious patients are sedated, Dr. Stofer can work more efficiently.

Is IV Sedation Safe?

Dr. Stofer is board certified to administer IV sedation to adult patients, and has performed hundreds of treatments using this method of sedation. When performed under the direction of a practiced, certified dentist, this method is extremely predictable and safe for patients.

Before a patient receives sedation of any type, he or she will need to provide medical history and information about any health conditions. Some medications and conditions can interfere with IV sedation, so it is of paramount importance that patients provide a full medical history and discuss this treatment with Dr. Stofer in detail.

To prepare for an appointment involving IV sedation, patients will need to refrain from drinking or eating for eight hours prior to surgery. While patients are under sedation, Dr. Stofer and our team closely monitor their blood pressure, breathing, and heart rates. After the IV has been removed, the patient will rest comfortably for 15 to 20 minutes under our care to ensure that they are returning to full consciousness without complication.

Patients receiving IV sedation will need a friend or loved one to transport them home following treatment, as some drowsiness and disorientation may continue for several hours. If necessary, we prescribe pain management medication after your visit, particularly after an oral surgery.

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Anxiety should not interfere with your pursuit of dental care, or your ability to have the beautiful smile of your dreams. Contact Dental Solutions and find out more about your options for sedation dentistry.

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