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Dental Crowns

If you have a broken, badly decayed, or single missing tooth, you need to repair or replace it with a strong dental restoration.

We can provide a porcelain dental crown to restore the function and appearance of your smile.

Tell me more about how our dentists in Warsaw, IN, can treat and protect a damaged tooth with a life-like dental crown...

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If you're in pain or damaged a tooth, prompt treatment is needed to save the tooth, preserve your oral health, and eliminate your pain. Contact our Warsaw dental practice today so we can schedule you to see the dentist as soon as possible.

A Durable and Natural-Looking Solution

Dental crowns offer a variety of benefits. Patients of our Warsaw, IN, dental office can expect:


Teeth that have been damaged due to trauma or have undergone a root canal are completely covered with a dental crown to provide protection from further damage. We can also provide a temporary crown while your permanent restoration is being completed.


Modern crowns are built to last. In fact, by practicing proper hygiene and making regular visits to your dentist, you can expect your crown to last 10 years or more.


Today's crowns are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. You can expect your smile to look healthy and attractive after your dentist completes your crown procedure.

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I always like going here. The staff is awesome and always friendly and likes to laugh and joke with you. I went to day for a cleaning and Julie was amazing and friendly plus very professional. Great place to go even for your children !

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I always have a great visit at Dental Solutions. Dr Brock Spangle did a fantastic job, was very kind and thorough bedside manner. I very much recommend coming in to this office!

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See How a Dental Crown is Placed at Our Warsaw Dental Practice

Once the tooth has been treated, your dentist will remove a conservative amount of tissue to create a proper base for your crown.

How do I know I need a dental crown?

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Our Warsaw, IN, team offers comprehensive general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry treatments to help improve the function and appearance of your smile. A patient-centric dentistry practice, we use the latest technology and compassionate care to accommodate the dental needs of patients of all ages. Our family-friendly dentistry practice offers both traditional dental crowns and same-day crowns. Dr. Bill Stofer and Dr. Brock Spangle can also fill the gap left by a single missing tooth with an implant-supported dental crown.

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"Could not be more satisfied with the care, professionalism, and team."


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I could not be more satisfied with Dental Solutions Doctor and staff. Dr Stofer and staff are the best . They make sure each patient receive the best always.

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Could not be more satisfied with the care, professionalism and team at Dental Solutions. High tech dentistry meets high quality customer service. The prefect intersection everyone wants in their dentist!

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Affordable Dental Services Flexible Financing Is Available

To help make treatment as affordable as possible, we accept most major dental insurance plans. Our friendly office staff will file all the necessary paperwork with your provider so that you can make the most out of your benefits.

For patients without insurance or those who are interested in managing their out-of-pocket expenses, we offer financing through CareCredit®. A financing company that specializes in medical and dental expenses, CareCredit offers flexible monthly payment plans. With CareCredit, you can get the dental care you need when you need it while still managing your budget.

We will be glad to discuss your insurance coverage and any questions you have regarding financing with CareCredit during your next visit to our Warsaw dental office.

High-Quality Restorative Materials Ensure a Superior Dental Crown

Though dental crowns can be constructed using a number of materials, our use of porcelain crowns provides a superior cosmetic result. In addition to restoring full functionality, these crowns blend seamlessly into your smile. The placement of dental crowns can also be combined with additional cosmetic treatments, such as teeth whitening, to enhance the final results. 

While traditional metal crowns are distracting when placed on visible teeth, porcelain is designed to mimic the properties of natural tooth enamel. We precisely match the shade of porcelain to your existing tooth enamel for a natural-looking result. If you have an existing metal crown that you would like to replace, we are happy to update your smile with a custom porcelain alternative.

IPS e.max®

Offering excellent aesthetic results and incredible strength, IPS e.max crowns can be crafted to provide a lifelike dental restoration.

IPS Empress

Natural-looking IPS Empress crowns scatter light and provide translucency in a way that is the closest match to natural teeth.

Zirconia Crowns

The most durable material, zirconia is considerably stronger than other options and can provide the longest lifespan for your new restoration.

What Happens  During Dental Crown Treatment?

Treatment at our Warsaw, IN, practice is convenient and effective. Typically the placement of a temporary crown and then your permanent crown takes just two office visits:
Our use of porcelain crowns provides a superior cosmetic result. 
Our use of porcelain crowns provides a superior cosmetic result. 

Tooth Preparation

The dentist will prepare your affected tooth with a root canal or other treatment to remove decay or damaged tissue.


After the prep work is done, we take impressions to design a custom crown.


We send the design to our trusted dental lab for fabrication. In the meantime, the dentist will fit you with a temporary crown to protect your tooth from further damage.

Permanent Crown 

Once your restoration is ready, you will return to the office to replace the temporary crown. The dentist checks the overall look and fit of the permanent crown before bonding it to the tooth with dental cement. 

Why trust Dental Solutions for your treatment?

Serving the Community With Effective Solutions

A single compromised tooth can cause dental pain and other serious issues. Without timely treatment, it may require extraction. Fortunately, there is a simple and affordable solution in the form of dental crowns. 

Our team, led by Dr. Stofer, is committed to providing unparalleled care to keep your oral health in excellent condition. Regardless of your concerns, big or small, we strive to provide first-rate, individualized treatment. Serving the community in Warsaw, IN, for over 20 years, we provide outstanding treatment and a comprehensive range of dental services. Schedule an appointment at our office today! You can reach us online, or call:

(574) 269-1199

Dr. William B. Stofer

"These guys never ever fail to impress."


Christina Mitchell


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The office staff were great. Tammy responded quickly to my dental emergency. Dr. Stoffer and his assistant were very kind and helpful. I needed more work than I expected but the doctor explained it clearly. He took his time and I never felt rushed. I highly recommend!

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These guys never ever fail to impress. I can use the example today. I broke my tooth, twice within a weeks time and not only did they get me in on the day of calling. They go out of their way to help and have you leave with a smile. Definitely would recommend to everyone

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Nervous about Dental Treatment? We Offer Sedation Dentistry

Our Warsaw, IN, practice offers different methods of sedation to ensure our patients are comfortable during treatment. Sedation dentistry is particularly beneficial for people with severe dental anxiety or those undergoing long procedures like dental implant placement.

We provide three different methods to induce a state of relaxation before beginning dental work:

Nitrous Oxide

Light sedation is so safe it can be used on children. Nitrous oxide works quickly and the effects fade away almost immediately, allowing patients to drive themselves home following treatment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Administered as a pill, moderate sedation may cause feelings of drowsiness. Because oral conscious sedation lasts longer than most dental procedures, patients will need to arrange transportation.

Intravenous Sedation

IV sedation puts patients in a twilight state where they may drift off to sleep. The lasting effects of IV sedation mean that patients will need someone to drive them to and from their appointment.

Don't let anxiety get in the way of important dental treatment. Our skilled dental team makes your comfort and safety our top priorities!

What do the results look like?

Just Like Natural Teeth

Before and after implant crown

Maintaining Your Dental Crown 

Good Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth twice daily, and floss at least once a day to prevent plaque build-up and infection. Floss carefully around your crown and use an oral irrigator (water flosser) to clean hard-to-reach places. 

Avoid Excessive Force

Refrain from grinding your teeth, opening packages with your teeth, or eating foods that are excessively hard and sticky. Your dental crown can wear just like your natural teeth and can crack under severe pressure. We can discuss a protective oral appliance if you habitually clench and grind your teeth.

Attend Dental Check-Ups

Never underestimate the importance of your bi-annual check-ups at our Warsaw office. These appointments let us provide a thorough cleaning and check for any problems with your restoration. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Crowns

Why not just pull a damaged or decayed tooth?

Pulling a damaged or decayed tooth may seem cheaper and easier, but it will cost you more in the long run. Even a single missing tooth can lead to oral health issues, such as shifting teeth, that may require more extensive dental work later on. By treating and preserving the tooth structure now, you can prevent problems down the road.

Does a dental crown hurt?

No. Your dentist will properly numb you before treatment. For patients who need an extra level of comfort care, dental sedation options are also available. There may be some mild discomfort once the anesthetic wears off, but it should be easily managed with over-the-counter medication. If it doesn't resolve within a few days, contact our practice so we can help address the issue.

How long will my dental crown last?

With proper care and maintenance, your dental crown can last for 10 to 15 years or longer. However, over time, the crown will wear and will eventually need to be replaced. If you have a worn or damaged dental crown, we can replace your old crown with a new one to preserve your tooth structure.

Can your dentist place an implant-supported dental crown?

Yes. Our skilled dentist can place dental implants and implant-supported restorations to replace missing teeth. Replacing a missing tooth as soon as possible can help prevent your remaining teeth from shifting. Dental implants can also prevent the jawbone atrophy that can occur from missing teeth.

Is there a difference between a cap and a crown?

No. A cap is simply another way to say crown. It is an antiquated term used for the same treatment. 

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I had a tooth issue over the weekend. First thing on Monday morning I called and they got me an appointment for that same day. The staff was amazing and so caring. Dr Stofer was a “gentle giant” with a spot on assessment and understanding personality! Thank you Dental Solution of Warsaw, IN

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It's been a year since I came to Dental Solutions, and I have to say this is the best dental care I've ever had. Everyone is so kind, gentle and understanding! Dr. Stofer is good at explaining what needs to be done. I would recommend Dental Solutions to anyone looking for dental care!

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"Fantastic staff from making my 1st appointment on the phone, extremely friendly, great cleaning and very knowledgeable! Dr. Bill is very personable & put me at ease, we made a dental plan for some extensive dental work I’ve been putting off. Found my new dental home at Dental Solutions, feeling very comfortable & welcomed!
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