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Detail ImgDon’t let fear of dental treatment keep you from taking care of your smile. Calming nitrous oxide and other sedation options are available at the Warsaw practice of dentist William Stofer. At Dental Solutions, patient comfort and safety are our top priorities. Schedule an appointment with us today to meet our dental team and learn about your sedation options.

About Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide has been used in dentistry since the 1800s. Patients inhale a mixture of nitrous oxide gas and oxygen through a mask that fits over the nose. Aside from providing an overall sense of relaxation, nitrous oxide also depresses feelings of pain. It is sometimes referred to as “laughing gas” because of the euphoric feelings many patients report experiencing during and after treatment. This form of sedation helps calm light to moderate gag reflexes in addition to providing calming effects, allowing our team to work more efficiently.

Nitrous oxide works rapidly, reaching the brain in 20 seconds and achieving full relaxation and pain-killing effects within two to three minutes. Dr. Stofer can quickly adjust the dose of nitrous oxide gas being inhaled, if necessary. The effects of nitrous oxide begin to wear off immediately when the mask is removed from a patient's nose.

Any patient who experiences dental anxiety or phobia can benefit from using nitrous oxide. Even a routine cleaning can cause anxiety in some patients, and nitrous oxide is a simple solution. We believe no patient should refuse or avoid dental care because of anxiety or extreme sensitivity, and we are happy to discuss a full range of options to address these feelings.

In some cases, nitrous oxide may be used to calm patients who are receiving IV sedation. This easy-to-apply sedation helps patients relax while the intravenous needle is inserted and throughout the appointment. 

Nitrous Oxide for Young Patients

At Dental Solutions, we are sensitive to the fact that dental visits cause anxiety in some younger patients. Our team has extensive experience in pediatric sedation using nitrous oxide. When younger patients are more relaxed during dental treatment, it makes it easier to administer treatment, and helps children feel more comfortable about dental care. The use of nitrous oxide is encouraged for our pediatric patients aged 12 and under. 

Is Nitrous Oxide Safe?

When administered by a medical professional, nitrous oxide is non-toxic, safe, and has no adverse affects on the body. The gas is administered for the exact time span needed, and is quickly eliminated from the body within three to five minutes following treatment. Patients can safely drive themselves home from our office without an escort after their appointment.

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Dental Solutions offers special pricing for nitrous oxide, including a flat fee rather than timed usage, and a half-price discount if you bring back your mask for reuse. Make an appointment at Dental Solutions today!

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