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A middle-aged woman wearing a cream colored shirt holds a green apple and smiles.When you have several missing or weakened teeth, your everyday life can involve many challenges. Eating a hearty meal, biting into fresh fruit, and even communicating clearly can become very difficult when you have missing teeth. Dentures are a classic dental restoration option for patients who need restored oral functionality. At Dental Solutions, Dr. William Stofer works closely with patients to create custom-crafted dentures that feel comfortable and look natural. If you are considering dentures, contact our Warsaw office today to schedule a consultation.

Traditional and Implant-supported Dentures

At Dental Solutions, we offer traditional full and partial dentures, as well as implant-supported dentures. Our dentists emphasize quality, taking the time and care needed to ensure your custom dentures fit beautifully within your unique facial structure. We work closely with our partner lab to create long-lasting dentures that complement each patient's smile in size, shape, and appearance.

Sturdy, Secure Implant-supported Dentures

Dental implants are titanium posts that Dr. Stofer surgically implants within a patient's jaw. They mimic natural tooth roots where natural teeth have fallen out or been removed. Dental implants can support dentures as well as a variety of other dental restorations.

Our dentists closely evaluate each patient's gums and dental implants to ensure each denture fits properly. These dentures are usually constructed upon a plastic or metal base, with tooth-colored material like ceramic or porcelain used to create the prosthetic teeth. While a patient's permanent denture is crafted, usually in six to eight weeks, we will provide a temporary prosthetic.

Implant-supported dentures give patients a renewed confidence. They are able to eat, drink, laugh, and speak without even thinking about the possibility of their dentures slipping. If you are missing one or more teeth, implant-supported restorations are one of the best investments you can make.

Durable, Long-lasting Traditional Dentures

Not all patients are candidates for dental implants. This may be because of a lack of jaw bone density, or budget concerns. For these patients, Dr. Stofer will craft traditional dentures. Our traditional dentures, like implant-supported ones, are crafted to match each patient's unique aesthetic goals in terms of their size, shape, and appearance.

Traditional dentures fit comfortably over a patient's gums, affixed daily using a paste or other adhesive. Traditional dentures offer the same durability and high-quality craftsmanship as our implant-supported dentures. Patients missing only a few teeth may consider partial dentures, also called dental bridges.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction

Dentures should feel comfortable and natural within your mouth. After receiving your custom dentures, we will check them during regular checkup visits to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our dentures are built to last, and can provide 10 or more years of satisfaction with proper care. 

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If you are considering dentures for the first time, or have noticed your current dentures are damaged or uncomfortable, let us create a new set for you. Contact Dental Solutions and discover options that work for your unique lifestyle today.

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